Cooperative Union of Vojvodina
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The Cooperative Union of Vojvodina

The Cooperative Union of Vojvodina is an independent organization based in Novi Sad, Serbia, founded by agricultural cooperatives based in Vojvodina. Its chief role is in representing the interests of agricultural cooperativesbefore the public authorities, the governing bodies of the Autonoumous Province of Vojvodina and local self-government, as well as other public and private organisations and institutions. The Cooperative Union of Vojvodina also provides a consultative assistance to its member cooperatives, andfuturemembers of cooperatives in the process of forming new agricultural cooperatives. There are more than 400 active agricultural cooperatives on the terirtoty of Vojvodina providing job opportnuities for over100 000 people.  The cooperative movement in Vojvodina is enjoying a true revival and is experiencing a well – deserved prosperity. Agricultural cooperatives, traditionally most common type of cooperative in Vojvodina, are the cornerstone of the development of rural areas, and are crucial for  keeping the young population in their home townsand creating an opportnuity for them to make progress in their homeland.